Artificial tile can be the affordable upgrade for your remodeling project. Man-made tile flooring and decorative pattern options have gained popularity for a number of reasons. New technology and production methods have not only made them more durable but allow for a terrific amount of color and texture variation. Current trends also call for some vintage looks, such as glass and mosaic tile. Whatever option works best for your vision and your budget, trust the pros at RC Tile & Marble to handle your needs from A to Z. See some of our options below.

Ceramic Tile

A staple in bathroom flooring, kitchen flooring, and shower walls for years. This tile provides easy maintenance, it looks great, and best of all it's an affordable option. It is also waterproof when glazed for showers and can have a honed finish for stain resistance.


A solid choice for both floors and showers, this tile is waterproof and stain resistant. It comes in an endless variety of colors, designs, and textures. It's also very versatile, being waterproof when glazed for showers and a honed finish provides for stain resistance.


Created in a variety of styles and colors, this tile is typically used in backsplashes and showers to add color, depth and personality to your decorative design.


Mosaic tile flooring is an en vogue choice for backsplashes and shower decoration. Homeowners love the designs and pictures you can create in shower pans and behind stovetops and countertops in kitchen backsplashes.

Quarry Stone

This is an affordable tile option that is easy to clean and inherently waterproof. The final product is a low maintenance tile that looks great in a variety of settings.

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